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When working in your Dynamics NAV application, creating, printing and emailing documents can be a struggle. Sending these electronic documents manually can easily cause errors. It’s time consuming and the alternative is an expensive consultant to manage these processes.

Advanced Forms in combination with your Dynamics NAV application saves time and money for automated creation, electronic distribution and archiving of digital documents.

Let me show you how it works. In the Document Designer, you can simply add a logo to your document. Change text. Add text from NAV and add any native barcode. The email template designer offers the same functionality. You can create professional email messages with data from Dynamics NAV application.

With Advanced Forms, you can specifically set up your distribution of documents in NAV. Just add a document and select the format in which you want to send it to your customer or supplier. Want to send it via regular mail instead of email? Just add a printer and Advanced Forms will print the document.

You can also create an archive attached to the Customer Card, which is filled with documents, processed by Advanced Forms. External documents can be attached via a Dropbox functionality.

The end user can print any document with Advanced Forms. Just choose print and preview the document. Advanced Forms will generate a document preview in the proper lay-out. Print the document and it will be processed and sent according to the rules which are defined in the Distribution tab in your NAV application.

Finally, a document can be validated before it is distributed to the customer or supplier. Do you want your quotations to be validated by the commercial director? Just set it up with Advanced Forms. The document will be presented in the portal of the commercial director who can accept or reject the document before distribution. Validating a document can also be done via the Advanced Forms App.

Want to know more about Advanced Forms? www.advancedforms.com

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