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ISPT (Institute for Sustainable Process Technology)


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ISPT streeft naar een circulaire branche met hun visie en passie.

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The process industry is an industry we can’t do without. It needs to become fully circular and carbon neutral. This brings challenges and opportunities which we can only face together.

The Institute for Sustainable Process Technology, is an active and open innovation organization. We use our passion and vision for technology to create a circular industry. Our programs bring people from different sectors and disciplines together. Collaborating on overarching themes such as sustainable energy, food and circular materials. We offer an inspirational and trusted environment for everyone working on breakthrough technological innovations and the future of the process industry.

ISPT has a broad and high-quality network with over 120 parties, in which they share experience and knowledge with like-minded people.

It’s our ambition to have transitioned to a circular and carbon neutral process industry by 2050. Together!

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