Wat is een lucide droom?

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Lucide droom



Controle hebben over je dromen, hoe cool zou dat zijn? Gemiddeld hebben we er 2.190 per jaar. Moet je nagaan hoeveel bijzondere evaringen je zou kunnen hebben als je een deel daarvan kunt beheersen… Het kan met Lucid Dreaming!

De uitvoering

De gemiddelde mens heeft zo’n 2190 dromen per jaar. In dromen is vaak alles mogelijk en gebeuren de gekste dingen. Alleen soms zijn ze ook heel frustrerend. Je komt ergens niet aan of een fijne omgeving verruild zich te snel voor iets anders.

Gelukkig, kunnen wij mensen zelfs in onze slaap heel veel. Zoals het controleren van je dromen. Oftewel, Lucid Dreaming.

In deze AnyStory vertellen we wat Lucid Dreaming is, hoe het werkt en wat de voordelen er van zijn. Zo kun jij straks zelf aan de slag met het bepalen van je dromen.

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Het script

Being chased by monsters, an infinite fall from the sky or being naked in public. Why we exactly dream is still a question for modern science. But dreams can sometimes take on strange shapes. They often feel random and completely out of your control. An average person has 2190 dreams a year. Wouldn’t it be awesome to get a bit more control over them with a more positive vibe?

Lucid Dreaming is a scientifically documented state of dreaming which enables you to become aware of your dreams while dreaming and enhance this experience by gaining control over the narrative, characters and environment.

Sounds cool right? But Lucid Dreaming is not only about having fun. It enables people to experience whatever they’re afraid of without facing the consequences. Therefore it can be used for overcoming a phobia or trauma or the treatment of PTSD and nightmares.

So how does it work?

Our sleep consists of five different stages which repeat themselves every 90 minutes. The fifth and final stage in this cycle is the Rapid Eye Moving stage. This is where dreams occur. It’s the deepest phase of sleep. Your eyes move rapidly around and your brain is highly active. However, your body is relaxed. The moment you start to become conscious of  dreaming you tend to wake up and you’ll leave the REM stage. Your dream is then lost.

There are several practices and techniques which allow you to gain control whilst remaining in the REM stage. Some of the most common exercises include keeping track of a dream journal and perform reality checks regularly. This trains your brain’s awareness while dreaming and allows you to become a Lucid Dreamer!

Want to try it yourself? Check out our infographic in the link below!

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