The Pile Grab

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The Grab Specialist

The Pile Grab

3D animatie


The Grab Specialist is specialist in de ontwikkeling en productie van industriële grijpers. Voor de uitleg van hun nieuwste grijper, the pile grab, kozen ze voor een 3D animatie. Zo krijg je een unieke kijk in de pijp en zie je duidelijk hoe de grijper werkt.

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Het script

Installing wind turbines can be challenging due to obstacles like hard soil, rock, and clay, which can make it difficult to drive the piles needed to secure the turbines in place.

At the Grab Specialist, we hear you!

With our Pile Grab, you can remove any obstacle, providing a clean foundation for building. Our Grabs are always custom made built to the highest standards and fit perfectly inside the piles. So, you can easily overcome any challenge in your project.

The mouth of the grab is specifically designed to remove obstructions inside the pile. Use our Powerpack to increase the force output, making your process safer and more efficient.

After use, you can safely store the grab on the sea fastening frame.

To help you out, TGS offers a range of services, including training supplying spare parts and on-site support from TGS engineers.