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Better code, better business

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Every year, 12 million software developers create 120 billion lines of code worldwide. The next year, 15% of those lines need to be changed. So, as a developer, you’re spending most of your time working on someone else’s code, fixing bugs, maintaining lines on a tight deadline. Aargh, frustrating, yesterday it worked, today it doesn’t!

At this rate, software is an ever growing monster, eating the world. We need to go back to basic and write awesome, but understandable code. Because better code is better business, for everyone!

To help you get your code future-proof, we’ve written down 10 easy guidelines in “Building Maintainable Software”. To get things really going, we offer a practical- and online training program to get you certified. And we support you via an online platform where you can inspect and analyze your code, compared to the guidelines.

Let’s clean up and defeat the monster! Less hours of bug fixing, so you can spend more time on doing what you love: create new, awesome and innovative code that is future-proof.

Join our program, get certified and get your software right at

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