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Interaction is all around us. Especially with the next generation of kids. Children work intuitive with all kind of interactive devices. Students send and receive messages, share information and post comments. They interact all day, everyday.

CTOUCH Solutions create interactive experiences for both students, and teachers.

Interactivity enhances every learning environment and learning curve, whether it’s one on one or in group communication. No matter the duration, location or even software, interactivity is the glue between individuals.

Our mutual goal is to stimulate the sharing of knowledge. Traditional and individual teaching will become more effective, interaction among peers will be more exiting!

Work together on a science project, meet up with fellow students all around the world, or just take and share notes on your group’s thesis. All examples of effective group work.

Make use all of your existing software and teaching methods. CTOUCH Academy offers you customized courses to gain more insight, knowledge and skill in the use of an interactive touch display.

Want to know more? Take the cVolution Experience tour at ctouch.eu/virtualtour.

CTOUCH. When function matters.

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