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Every year 150 million people get diagnosed with urinary tract infection also known as UTI. Diagnosis of urinary tract infection can be a difficult procedure.

The use of dipsticks, culturing bacteria in a lab and identification using the MALDI-TOF technique can take up to 7 days. In most cases a doctor is forced to do a blind prescription. This could be different!

With the new and faster identification device Cirrus D20 by BiosparQ systems, doctors can diagnose and prescribe targeted antibiotics within just one visit.

This MALDI-TOF based device separates a urine sample into microscopic droplets, these droplets only contain one bacterium. This way the device can identify the bacteria individually and makes prescriptions smarter and faster.

The Cirrus D20 brings diagnostics into the general practice. It reduces overuse of antibiotics, lowers healthcare costs and best of all the patient will be treated better.

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