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WB Firepacks BV

Electronic Foam Proportioner

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Maintaining a Foam Proportioner isn’t an easy task. Traditional proportioners are sensitive to the foam’s viscosity, increasing the risk of stuck parts. Testing these systems is expensive. It creates pollution in your plant that requires special disposal of wasted foam.

WB Firepack’s Electronic Foam Proportioner is an easy to maintain, easy to test fire safety system for the safe storage of combustible substances and flammable liquids.

The EFP has a proportion accuracy of 0,1% around the required mixing ratio, without any pressure losses in the water flow. With only two control valves, the CPU automatically measurer’s the systems performance every 24 hours. The internal test facility enables you to test the EFP on an annual, or even weekly base without mixing the foam concentrate with water.

With no loss of foam concentrate, nor environmental damage while testing, the EFP creates a significant reduction in costs for maintenance.

Interested? Visit efp.systems for more information.

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