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You’re working with huge amounts of alarm and event data, and it’s difficult to assess the state of your process. How do you prioritize all those messages, and prevent information overload?

Polaris is an event analytics tool that allows you to explore and monitor your most critical alarm and event data. Import your data easily with our integrated wizard. Then, access your online dashboard and monitor the state of your system compared to industrial standards. Unlock the value of your real-time and historical data. In just minutes you can see most frequent events, alarm rates and discover patterns in your data.  Scheduled e-mail reports make it easy to share your analysis with the people it concerns.

Be proactive instead of reactive. Spend time improving your process instead of racing to catch up with a backlog of alarms and events. Polaris is the first step of a journey toward less downtime, fewer abnormal events, and more focus on the quality of your end product

Want to know more? Download the free software at polarisreporting.com and get started within 30 minutes!

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