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STC Group

Hybride Lecturer

Standaard Animatie – Business


STC group biedt een unieke samenwerking tussen educatie en het bedrijfsleven. In deze uitleganimatie wordt verteld hoe dat precies zit.

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Extremely fast technological developments force vocational education to develop at an equally fast pace. Lecturers with professional knowledge gained through extensive work in the field, are key in every form of education. But where do you find these experienced lecturers and how do they fit in your business?

The guidelines ‘Hybrid working’ by STC Group can help you integrate hybrid specialist lecturers into your business.

STC Group offers tips & tricks on subjects like workflow, recruitment and contractual options for incorporating hybrid lecturers. Working with hybrid lecturers ensures you always have up-to-date knowledge transmission: from specialist lecturer to student and from specialist lecturer to teacher. Spending time in the classroom enables the lecturer to continuously identify potential new talent for the employer.

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