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As an online service provider, how do you decide whether to launch a new subscription? If you want to introduce a mid-tier subscription, which features and price will bring in most new users? And how do you avoid cannibalizing your premium customers?

Customer insights agency SKIM is an expert in optimizing prices and portfolio. We can build a replica of your website and use it to test different scenarios. Based on advanced conjoint modeling we take respondents through a series of “virtual shopping trips”. While changing prices and products offered, we ask them if and which subscription they’d buy. We then run millions of portfolio variations in a simulated environment. This to identify price sensitivity for subscription tiers and optimal product configurations.

We can help you make a smart and validated decision on whether to launch a new subscription, and with what features. For different scenarios we compare total uptake of the new product, cannibalization of your premium customers and impact on your overall revenues. In addition to our recommendations and insights, we deliver a market simulator to enable you to run different “what-if” scenarios.

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