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Brand Driver Analysis

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Do you want to extract more juice from your existing brand tracking data?

Brand tracking studies provide extensive information on perceptions of your brand over time. However, it is difficult to determine what causes these perceptions to change. The challenge is to understand what drives value in your market – and what you can do to optimize your brand perception.

Customer insights agency SKIM is an expert in advanced market modeling. With our brand driver analysis, we can help you understand how consumers perceive the market you are in and what the position of each brand is.

We will take your existing brand data and build a multivariate network model to identify what factors drive success in the category, and whether or not these factors are owned by current brands. We analyze how brand drivers cluster together, how they are interconnected, and ultimately how they influence your overall brand positioning.

At the end of the day, SKIM helps you uncover whitespace market opportunities and provides you with strategic customer insights you need to take control and improve brand value over your competition.

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