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Products and consumers demand continuous and rapid delivery of software updates. This requires ongoing development and deployment.

Bugs will always arise, but keeping a clean codebase saves a ton of time in the future. The problem is, knowing which code to fix and which to leave be, is often unclear. So you search, try, fix and update, only to find your release causing other problems when deployed.

Sure there are tools that help you see the errors… but they never really help you make a big impact quickly. Rather the opposite: they get you demotivated, fast. Better Code Hub is here to help. Our hub scans, categorizes and prioritizes the code you need to work on.

After you connect the app to GitHub, your code is benchmarked to over 3000 systems. Then the code is ranked on ten basic coding principles, showing your score on each one. Since you are a coding god you`ll probably only have one or two things to fix.

The hub then shows you which adjustments will most quickly get your codebase to the next level. So no more needles refactoring or not knowing where to start. Just follow our easy guidelines and focus on the most important stuff.

That way, you can safe up to 30% of your time, which you can use for… other stuff.

Try our app for free and see how you score.

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