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Let’s Make Scool Cooler

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The way we develop our talents varies from person to person. That’s because everybody’s brain works a little different… But schools are focused on mass-learning; we all have to learn the average of a class instead of focusing on what you are good at. Wouldn’t it be awesome if everybody could learn at their own skill level and on their own terms? With current school systems you cant. So we came up with a solution.

Meet Scooler! An online learning platform helps you develop your talents, in your own way. It’s basically a personal learning coach.

Here’s how it works. Experts from all around the world create content like digital classes from their experience, books, videos and other media and offer them on Scooler for eternal fame and rewards. You simply log in and start learning, together with your friends.

Scooler tracks how you are learning in order to develop a personal education ID. This EDU-ID knows everything about your interests, learning preferences and skill level. Based on that information Scooler finds the best courses for you and matches them to your skill level.

Together with your classmates you can compete for the best grades or help each other out. We`ll credit your efforts along the way with exclusive rewards.

And because Scooler is cloud-based, you’ll always have real-time feedback on your progress and goals, wherever you go. In the end you will have a better understanding of your own talents, interest and eventually the chances of living up to your own dreams.

Want to help us make schools Cooler? Join Scooler!

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