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High performance is king, which is why we’ve integrated Android into our displays.

With this high performing SOC, it’s easier than ever to have full control of your display. Whether it’s developing a new app, or using your existing Android app, you can play robust content directly from the display. Using a dedicated processor, you’ll get the highest performance out of your hardware.

Along with the high performing SOC, the benefits to the android integration are endless. Want to copy the settings from one display to another? Simply use the clone feature. Want to stream content but a local network is not available? Get online wirelessly with 4G LTE or communicate machine to machine via the mini PCI express slot. Want confirmation that content is running? Get automated screenshots using the proof of play feature. It even automatically detects if the display is mounted in landscape or portrait mode.

Best of all, Android works with the current SmartCollection feature set, such as FailOver and CMND, ensuring you’re always sending the right message at the right time.

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