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Parcel Hub Venlo

Cross Border Pakketten

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As a company, sending parcels cross border can be quite the expensive affair. Different carriers use different terms and conditions, rates and additional costs. In addition, the service levels may vary greatly.

Parcel Hub Venlo enables you to send parcels quickly and at the sharpest rate via the local carrier network in Europe. We offer the best possible delivery times and function as the single point of contact for all your orders.

By using our software, you can easily import all parcels. Choose the carrier that suits you best based on price, delivery time and service level. For small order batches, just print the shipping label directly from our system. For larger order batches, labels can be generated through customized print solutions.

Parcel Hub Venlo collects your delivery, which travels through our distribution centre to the country of destination on the same day. There, the parcels are handed to the local carrier. Through our dashboard, you can monitor the status of all orders via track and trace. Each month you’ll receive a clear overview of the costs of all your cross border deliveries. When you’re not satisfied with your carrier, you can switch effortlessly to an alternative carrier.

Do you need to return the order? It’s arranged cheaply and conveniently via Parcel Hub Venlo.

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