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Traditional research methods, including surveys and focus groups, are excellent ways of gathering consumer opinions. But what about consumer actions? People cannot answer detailed questions about their actions, since routines and habits reflect unconscious procedures.

Think back to this morning, when you brushed your teeth. Did you first grab your toothbrush, or your toothpaste?

Noldus Consulting reveals unconscious consumer behavior by interpreting individual actions. This information is collected via modern technologies such as video cameras, eye-tracking, and biometrics. Detailed behaviors such as hand position while brushing, amount of toothpaste used, or heartrate changes can be measured during product use, in the consumers’ natural environment.

All behaviors can be broken down into individual elements. With our experience we see the order and unravel patterns, leading up to novel insights into how your product is used, or feedback for new product development.

Via traditional research, consumers were only able to recall 35% of their unconscious, routine behaviors. Don’t want to miss out on the other 65% of information? Contact Noldus Consulting

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