NHTV – We gaan verhuizen


We gaan verhuizen

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The new campus is opening in August! A group of brave pioneers are set to pave the way for their colleagues.

Community zones and quiet study rooms will cater to all your needs as a student. Employees will work in what’s been termed ‘buzz zones’; spaces where people can meet and socialize. There will be room for both individual work and group meetings! Finally, there will be quiet zones where you can focus on your individual tasks in absolute silence.

Pick a place that suits your activities for the day. Meetings for now, quietness for later! It’s called “Work as you wish”!

The pioneers starting in August will do the preparatory work to get the campus up and running. Exciting? Yes! A little challenging? You betcha! But we’re going to help you every step of the way!

Any questions? campus@bu.nl

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