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If you dream of living a great life, being happy and successful, you’re not alone.

Everywhere in Europe, young people share this dream and they are working hard to achieve it. There’s so much you can do yourself, but you also need the best possible circumstances. That’s why you need your country to work on the best policies, to get you great opportunities and maximum support.

There’s an incredible European resource of ideas and experiences that can help create the best policies. If only we had a good method to select and share them… That’s where the Structured Dialogue comes in.

The Structured Dialogue is a dialogue between young people and policy makers from all over Europe. It takes place in cycles with three youth conferences. During the first conference we pick the challenges around a central theme. After this, participants go back to their country and question youth about their experiences and ideas.

This is input for the second conference, where we embrace solutions to tackle those challenges. After this, we prepare for the final conference, where will be decided how to implement them and make it all happen.

Join us in the Structured Dialogue and be part of something great!

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