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Intrasurance Technology Services

Do we have a match?

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In order to design a winning strategy for tomorrow’s challenges we believe selecting the right business partners and clients is key. That’s why we want to get to know you, before we start our work together.

Intrasurance supports a broad range of clients, from online start-ups to existing insurance companies looking to introduce online capabilities for their customers. For instance, we help these companies migrate existing books of business onto our platform.

We also help new market entrants like affinity groups or retailers move into online insurance. A tailored and timely insurance proposition can provide these clients with incremental revenue streams while also strengthening customer retention levels.

Implementing our Direct Insurance Vision can involve radical changes for its users. Consumers get ‘access to all areas’, processes are automated, marketing & IT departments need to integrate, existing work practices and distribution strategies must be updated.

Therefore a successful implementation requires clear strategic thinking and decision making, followed by active change management. Our Self-Service Maturity matrix helps you determine if our organizations will successfully work together and what our focus should be.

Do we have a match? Take the test and gain new insights.

Intrasurance, Tomorrow’s insurance software delivered today. 

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