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Nowadays, a lot of changes occur in the market for sugar confectionery products. The customer demands transparency of ingredients and a candy with less sugar, or without E-numbers. They are looking for healthier alternatives or products with natural flavors and colors. Then, there is also the customers with special requirements because of allergies, or animal based ingredients.

These changes might sound scary, but they are actual opportunities in our market. You can connect customers to your store and start building private label concepts in a commoditizing A-brand market.

With five factories and a customer base in over twenty countries, CCI is the leading, private label confectionery producer in Europe. With our broad assortment of products, we can be your dedicated partner to fill in your chances. Together, we can start a profitable cooperation for your private label, that fits within your business strategy.

This way, you fulfill your customer’s needs and anticipate to trends in the market with your own delicious, private label confectionery products!

Let’s get together, let’s build together!

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