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When you use firepacks. Wouldn’t it be nice to have full insights of the performance of your system? So events will be detected and users can be notified directly?

With Firecoach by WB Firepacks you’ll have access to real time data of your firepack on your computer or other mobile device.

When an event is detected you receive a push notification. So, you can take immediate action. For your internal use you can easy download your Firecoach reports.

To keep it safe the Firecoach is connected to the internet by a one-way direction.

To increase the life span of your fire fighting installation and prevent unnecessary costs and downtime: contact WB Firepacks for more information.


We maken korte, krachtige uitleganimaties en zorgen voor het juiste publiek. Onze animaties en uitlegvideo’s creëren een ‘Aha! moment’ bij de kijker. Maar dat is niet alles: we gebruiken de animatie als online commercial, zodat we ook nieuwe klanten bereiken.

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