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Did you know that 80 percent of bad eye sight and blindness can be prevented or cured?

In Vietnam, De Heus has seven factories, producing animal feed with the help of local people, and selling their products to local farmers. The company is grateful for their success and now wishes to show their commitment to a long term relationship with the area.

Therefore, De Heus starts a 10 year sponsorship of the Eye Care Foundation. Together they aim to prevent unnecessary blindness and bad eye sight in Vinh Long, especially for the poorest, most vulnerable people. In collaboration with the local government and health organizations, they work on improving the situation for these people by supporting infrastructure, training and raising awareness.

We do this by performing vision screenings of schoolchildren and elderly people, training and education of eye care professionals and the supply of medical equipment for eye care.

When people have access to eye care services, their eyesight can be restored and they are once again able to be part of society. They can help achieve growth for themselves, their family and their community.

Want to help? Donate time, money or cooperate as an organization.