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The world of real estate is all about assessing risk and market potential. For real estate professionals, making smart decisions is driven by access to the best possible data.

Office Rank offers an integrated platform that combines intelligent tools with the power of Big Data; a data room for entire countries.

We collect, verify and structure data streams for every building in your country. Since there is no opt-in or opt-out, we can cover the entire market. Buildings are then ranked using our OfficeRank score, an objective analysis that assesses the quality of the asset, its location and the market. This allows for detailed analysis and comparisons of individual buildings, as well as for portfolios or areas.

Historic data and trend analysis drive forecasts on quality and value, leading to better assessments on risk and market potential.

Would you like to know how you can leverage this knowledge and business intelligence for the benefit of your company? Contact us for a personal demo!

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