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40% van de CO2-uitstoot in Nederland komt tot stand door de procesindustratie. Hierin worden alledaagse producten geproduceerd, zoals je laptop of het brood op je bord. Met waterstof wordt deze CO2-voetafdruk aanzienlijk verkleind, maar hoe doe je dit op grote schaal?

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Everyday things like your laptop, the bread you eat, or a simple piece of paper, are made with help of the process industry. This industry is responsible for more than 40% of the CO2 emissions in the Netherlands. Hydrogen produced from sustainable energy could drastically reduce this CO2-footprint. But how to produce this “green hydrogen” on a large scale?

The Hydrohub Innovation Program by ISPT is here to examine just that.

In the Hydrohub MegaWatt Test Center we work together to improve the electrolyzer that produces green hydrogen. In our Gigawatt project we aim to scale up from a single electrolyzer to a system with a thousand. With innovative factory concepts we try to find smart solutions to reach this scale. Once this is achieved, green hydrogen supply chains will emerge. In the HyChain project we try to understand what this means for our society.

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