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Great communication is based on an even better overview of all your channels. But keeping track of every message and choosing the right moment to engage can be a challenge.

MyMultiChannel gives you the power to control all of your output channels, business rules and content from a single interface. You can fully automate the time, channels and content you want to use while at the same time keep your communication personal.

For instance, you can automatically send a text message if an email bounces or schedule a phone call.

Just log in to the cloud environment and set up your communication workflow. You can connect MyMultiChannel to any data or communication API available.

First set up actions that gather new data about your audience to enrich your database.

Next, set up your communication. Any program you already use can be integrated into the system via the API. Or start using new services. Simply drag and drop from our open marketplace to make them part of the workflow.

After you are done, all you have to do is create the right content. With MyMultiChannel you can decide which output you want to send to every single target group. Making your messages more personal than ever.

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